National Council for Animal Protection Working Together to Promote

the Well-Being of All Animals

Benefits of Membership

Participate in the Summit for the Animals, Our Annual Meeting

  • Spend quality time in a private forum with leaders of other national, regional and local animal organizations
  • Learn new professional skills to enhance your group’s operations
  • Work with industry experts to explore how best to increase the visibility and public understanding of animal issues
  • Discuss and strategize on NCAP select programs and become part of NCAP working groups
  • Share data and information about best practices for successful campaigns and operations

Get Exclusive Access to Our Public Opinion Survey Data

  • Understand the geographic, demographic, and psychographic differences among United States adults regarding their views of society’s use and abuse of nonhuman animals, as well as efforts to protect animals
  • Identify types of people who consider animal protection to be a major and / or growing concern to better enable your organization to study those groups and understand their perception of the animal protection movement as well as their reasons for — and limits to — supporting animal protection
  • Define baselines for evaluating public opinion and behavior and measure changes over time with tracking surveys; participate in the tracking study by sponsoring your own questions

Shape Our Future

  • Help shape our national agenda, including possible public outreach programs and strategic alliances with other organizations
  • Determine professional development opportunities for members
  • Define our involvement in political action
  • Help redefine the goals and focus of the NCAP